Timewave measurement system

Measurement data

An overview about daily measurement data can be found on the Timewave charts site.

System overview

Detail description

The three main principles of the timewave measurement system are as follows:

Accordingly, the outside oscillator-1 has been put into a massive concrete chamber in the ground below a gardening house. This location provides for a good temperature stability and additionally it supports shielding of electromagnetic interference from the environment.

Further the oscillator is covered in a tin box which serves a good purpose for shielding electromagnetic interference.

The second oscillator is located inside a small laboratory in a well isolated coolbox with additional stones that serve as a thermic capacity.

The electrical circuit has been design in a conventional way. The only special detail is the DC voltage supplied over the 50 Ohm cable from the signal mixer device.

The signal mixer is located in a also well shielded tin box and signals are provided to it's inside circuit by RF cables and connectors. The tin box is located in the coolbox as well, next to oscillator-2.

The sampling device is a "MEphisto Scope" from Meilhaus.

Created: 2008-03-01 by Eckhard Kantz